Flowers for the hero of the occasion

There are life events when your house is filled with flowers. It is luxurious, unforgetable but afterwards you have to make a lot of effort to prolong the life of flowers, or at least find enough vases for all the bouquets.
We have an exelent solution for that case. In the invitation to celebration you specify us as your favourite florist. Your guests cantact us, we approve the budget of teh order and the text for the accomponying postcard. Then we destribute all the guests' orders so that once or twice a week you get a beutiful fresh bouquet inclidng a nice wishing card. We will inform the giver in advance when the flowers will be delivered. You will recieve a floral composition as a pleasant reminder of the person who apprecietes and values you. As so, you prolong the celebration atmosphere in the house and allow yourself to enjoy fresh flowers.

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