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Terms and conditions
OneBouquet Studio, registered address: 5-24 Auseklja street, Latvia (hereinafter referred to as OneBouquet) and the Buyer (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer) who orders from the online store OneBouquet, available at (hereinafter referred to as OneBouquet), enter into this Agreement:
1. By placing an order in OneBouquet, the Buyer confirms that they have read the Terms of use and General terms available at
2. The Buyer has the right to receive the goods and services offered in the OneBouquet store after making a prepayment for the corresponding service or product. The description and cost are listed in the product catalog next to each product. All listed prices include the tax.
3. The Buyer can make a payment by selecting one of the suggested types of remote payment.
4. The Order is accepted only after making payment for goods and / or services, which implies the fact of ordering the service and irrevocable consent of the Buyer to the Rules.
5. After the completed payment, it is considered that the Buyer has entered into a contract with OneBouquet, defining bilateral and other obligations.
6. Cut flowers, bouquets, flower arrangements and houseplants according to the rules of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia No. 207 15.3 are not subject to return.
7. OneBouquet has the right to terminate the order unilaterally and return the full price of the product to the buyer if the order cannot be fulfilled due to circumstances beyond OneBouquet's control.
8. OneBouquet does not refund the delivery fee to the customer, and takes the full cost of the order in the following cases:
8.1. if the recipient refuses to accept delivery (flowers or flower bouquets)
8.2. if the recipient has left the city and / or state and is not located at the address specified by the customer within 24 hours after the expiration of the delivery period specified by the customer;
8.3. if the recipient is not located at the address specified by the customer and is not available for communication via the specified contact
8.4. If the recipient is not located at the address specified by the customer, and the order must be delivered to another address (except for cases when the order delivery address is changed by no more than 3 km from the original specified delivery address);
8.5. If the recipient is not available at the specified address at the time specified by the customer, and the order must be delivered at another time (except for cases when the delivery time is specified within 1 hour)

9. Confidentiality: OneBouquet guarantees that the processing, storage and nondisclosure of the. personal data received to third parties in accordance with the requirements established by the laws of the Republic of Latvia and legal acts. The email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses of the site visitors and customers received at the time of order acceptance will be only used for the communication with the customer and the recipient of goods and/or services in order to ensure the quality of the order. Customers of the online store OneBouquet who connect to an electronic Bank or other payment system, enter their data on the page of the Bank or payment system, so this information is not available to us. (этот тоже проверь! Я не сильна в юр-терминологии)
10. All of the disputes, disagreements and claims are resolved in the course of bilateral negotiations, and if there is no agreement - in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation and legal acts of the Republic of Latvia.